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Soccer Uniforms - INFORMATION

As a part of our ongoing partnership with Arsenal Football Development, the 2023-24 Arsenal Pre-Game jersey is part of the Annual Uniform Requirement for all teams.  The 2023-24 jersey will be available in the Lloyds online uniform catalog beginning with Uniform Fitting dates in June.  All UFA players for the upcoming seasons, returning and new, will be required to purchase the annual Pre-Game jersey.  (Please note: Arsenal changes their pre-game jersey style every year. That is why it is a required uniform item that needs to be purchased by all players annually.)  

Returning players: UFA discussed last year’s jersey shortage issue with Adidas and Arsenal.  To help make up for the wait in receiving the orders this past year, they have agreed to provide the pre-game jersey to UFA Academy/Select players at a reduced price this 2023-24 seasonal year.  (The pre-game jersey was going to be $55; parents will only be charged $35 upon Checkout.)  Please Note: Adidas is not anticipating any delays this year.

Pre Academy, Academy/Select Game Uniform

UFA Metro Atlanta strives to project a professional image. The club uniform plays an integral part in the forging of club identity and in building both a sense of community and of pride in the organization. This can only be accomplished if all teams wear the designated club uniform so that no matter what the age group, no matter what the occasion, the team can be readily identified as a UFA Metro Atlanta player. This underscores the fact that we are a single club that exists to support and encourage its members.  Kits includes the following items.

  • Home Game Jersey
  • Home Game Shorts
  • Away Game Jersey
  • Home Game Shorts
  • Home/Away Team Socks (2 pair)
  • Pre-Game Shirt
  • Training Tee


Select Practice Uniform

All soccer players will wear a standardized practice uniform. Executive Director, Jon Akin, is excited about the cohesive look for all players. “Wearing a standardized training uniform serves several purposes; eliminating distractions on decisions about practice apparel, instills a level of club pride with every player wearing the same gear and when each player dons their practice gear they will know they have the responsibility to keep their focus, discipline, effort, and attitude at the level expected by UFA Metro Atlanta” says Jon.

  • Training Tee

Number Assignment:  Please send your team manager three (3) number options your player would like to have assigned.  Once number options are received the portal will be updated.  After the uniform deadline the vendor will begin processing all orders.  If your number preference has not been received before the deadline a number will be assigned.  We want to insure that all players have a game and practice uniform for the opening weekend on September 8th.

Deadline for ordering July 1st.

UFA Metro Atlanta Recreational Uniform Package 5U-19U

Parents will be responsible for ordering the uniform.  Please click here for Rec Uniform details.

Any questions or concerns please email metrouniforms@unitedfa.org.

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