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REC FAQ- Metro Atlanta

Do you need prior experience to sign up for recreational soccer?

No skill level requirement at any age, i.e. we will have children of all levels participating on each team in our Recreational program. We have developed a system that provides both a fun and productive environment for players at all levels.

When is registration?

Registration is open May 1st for Fall and Spring 

When will someone contact us after registration?

You will receive a welcome email from the UFA Metro Recreation the week before practice starts.  U8 and under is Tuesdays Practices and Thursday U12 and under .
Games Saturdays U8 & Under -10:00am-11:00am   Keswick Park
Games Saturdays U12 & Under 11:00am -12:00pm  Keswick Park 

When does the season start?

The first game of the Fall season is the weekend after Labor Day, and the first game of the spring season is the first week of March.

When do the teams start practicing?

Practices begin late-August/early-September for the fall season and mid-February for the spring season.  

What age group will my player participate in?

Our registration system will automatically place your child in their appropriate age group based on this Age Group Chart.  The “U” associated with an age group stands for “under."

Can I make a Special Request for team placement? 

Although we try to honor player requests received before August 1 for the fall season and February 10th for the spring season, we also strive for parity among the teams to maximize the enjoyment for all players involved.  Please note, all Special Requests will be considered, but are not guaranteed. When registering for our Recreational Program, you are registering specifically for the program and not to play on a certain team and/or with a certain player.

Are the teams coed?

All UFA Metro Rec teams are coed.

What is the cost?

U4 -U5-U6  Mini kickers: $100.00
U6- U12 $134.00 

What is included in the participation fee?

Soccer recreational league registration and insurance, referee fees, participation commemorative item coaching education, league administration, at least (8) games for U5 -U12 age groups

What equipment will my player need?

Each player should have:
Shin guards 
Turf Shoes or Soccer Cleats - turf shoes can be worn during games, however we recommend each player wear soccer cleats. 
Age appropriate soccer ball - U5 - U8 divisions use a size 3 soccer ball. 
U9, U10 & U12 use a size 4 soccer ball.
Water and/or sports drink. 
Sunscreen is recommended for warm months.

What are turf shoes versus soccer cleats?

Soccer cleats generally have about 9 or so large studs for traction.  Turf shoes generally have 20 – 30 (or more) tiny rubber nubs for traction.  Turf shoes are intended for hard ground but are much easier on grass fields than cleats.

What is the uniform process?

Our recreational uniforms are intended to be used for one seasonal year (2 seasons). Our seasonal year runs from fall to spring and each player receives one uniform per seasonal year, i.e. - If you participated in the fall season, you will not receive a new uniform for the spring season. Prior to the fall season each year, the recreational uniforms will be evaluated and the vendor and/or style will change. Once the uniform is chosen, we will make a one-year commitment to that particular uniform. Due to the rapid growth of our club as well as time constraints, we will not be offering exact sizing.  Each team will receive the manufacturer’s recommended sizes for their age group.

Recreational Uniform Package U4 - U12 


The Kit is $35.00 plus shipping and handling

What is included in the recreational uniform package?

After registration you will be provided a email to Lloyds Soccer my uniform to purchase the uniform. It is the parents' responsibility to order the uniform.

Who will coach my player’s team?

Recreational coaches are parents that volunteer to coach a team, however we provide a professional trainer who works with each age group once a week during practice and each volunteer coach receives a coaches resources packet with email templates for parent communication, practice tips, hacks and drills.  Each season volunteer parent coaches are in great demand.  Our intent is to provide as many players as possible the opportunity to play, therefore every season UFA has to search for additional people to coach because there are never enough coaches to cover all of the teams.  Prior coaching and/or soccer experience is not required...all you need to be able to coach is some organizational skills and a willingness to help.  Please click on the link below to view course:

Where will my player practice?

All Rec Practices will be held at Keswick Park in Chamblee, GA

Where will the soccer games be played?

Games will be played at Keswick Park in Chamblee

All in house games will be small sided 

U11& U12 can have an option to play in house small sided teams  or

play other Metro Atlanta Recreational Teams if the team has enough players willing to travel  and not have a set time for games . Please select Travel League the Recreation Registration portal

When will the soccer games be played?

U8 and Under - 10:00 am Saturday
U12 and Under - 11:00am Saturday

How do I check field status for games/practices?

You will receive an email blast and our website will be updated to display a field closure on the homepage. 

What if I need a refund?

UFA has a no refund policy with the following being the ONLY exceptions:  the player becomes injured to the point that they are unable to participate for the remainder of the season and/or a majority of the season, and presents a doctor's note.  The doctor's note must indicate the injury and show that the injury will prevent your child from participating for a certain period of time (beginning date through end date).  In which case, the refund will be prorated.  The other exception is the season has begun and we are unable to place your child on a team.

Volunteer Fee?

All discounts will be applied at the checkout stage on the online registration platform. If you chose not to volunteer, the $35-dollar charge will be applied to the registration fee. If you choose to volunteer, the $35-dollar fee is waived. 


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